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Learning iOS development

When I first started coding, I assumed after making websites for a bit I would graduate into real coding—native apps, probably for the iPhone. I’ve made several small attempts over the years to begin learning iOS development, but nothing ever really stuck for me.

I have a good dozen solid ideas for iOS apps (productivity, utility, personal) that can only be well-executed with a native Swift-powered app.

Every tutorial I’ve read just…doesn’t really click. SwiftUI will absolutely lower the barrier to entry, especially once Catalina is released & it’s natively easy to use. But so far nothing’s really worked for me.

One of the biggest barriers for me is needing to use a Mac—I have only opened my MacBook a few times in the past month, all to run the Arduino IDE for one of my classes. The inability to develop native apps directly on iPad is disappointing (& in my opinion, kind of inexcusable at this point).

At some point in my career, even though I’m not at all expecting to switch to it, I look forward to building some native apps.