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5 Years Since Launch

This week I realized it’s now been 5 full years since I launched Noodles, my first app (it’s a personal recipe library). That’s crazy—I’m only a first-year in college—but I launched it the week of Thanksgiving in 8th grade1, after working on it for around 6 months.

I recently stumbled across the delightful website GitHub Contributions Chart Generator, which does what it says on the label. I’ve always loved the way GitHub’s contributions graph works, & now I can see the whole thing at once!

(The contribution graph is divisive for encouraging continuous streaks that lead to burnout, and that’s a valid criticism, but I think it can be used a fun visualization without assigning judgement.)

I decided to annotate my own contributions graph, overlaying it with a timeline of life events. (I apologize this isn’t accessible to screenreaders.)

Contributions graph with my annotations overlaid in red


  1. Sidenote: don’t launch your app the day before Thanksgiving. No one notices.