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I quit from Hack Club

This is the message I posted in the Hack Club Slack, November 12, 2020.

Hi friends 👋

September 2017, over 3 years ago, I was at PennApps (my first hackathon), pacing around, on the phone with Zach Latta in the middle of the night to get (super useful) advice on my hackathon project. He mentioned he wanted to hire me to make a new website for Hack Club, an offer I was humbled & surprised by but took him up on soon after hackathon-recovery. We spent the rest of the fall on frequent calls working on drafts of a new (, which pushed my skills hard.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve worked on our website, designed several generations of Bank, made Scrapbook, the Hackathons site, Workshops site & curriculum, Events site, the Summer of Making, designed stickers, co-authored every VIP newsletter, made Hack Club Design System, Theme, Icons, branding, open source projects, AMAs, Challenge, holiday gifts, Shop, donor materials, a Flagship talk, Leaders, student announcements, social media, iPad distribution, run events, hackathons, Slack sub-communities, & lots more I can’t remember anymore. I’ve poured my heart & soul into Hack Club, & I feel deeply proud of what I’ve gotten to help build. It’s been a privilege to travel to San Francisco, LA, Chicago, NYC, Vermont, Indiana, & spend so much time with every member of the incredible team. Hack Club’s mission—helping young people discover their agency & build skills—is the cause I believe in the most. In the Slack, I’ve found many of my closest friends.

Tomorrow is my last day at Hack Club HQ, I’m sad to announce. I’ve been working on Hack Club for 3 years, & it’s the only real job I’ve ever had. My next adventures are super WIP, but for a lot of reasons it feels right to take a new step. I’ll still be around the Slack, & here to chat with anyone. Thank you all for making this place so incredible, & to Zach & the team for this opportunity. Keep hacking 💖