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Tue, Mar 21

sparkly people and how to find themopen.substack.comA blog post is a very long and complex search query to find fascinating people and make them route interesting stuff to your inboxopen.substack.comApprenticeship

Mon, Mar 20

Education Commentary is Dominated by Optimism

Sat, Jan 28

An elegant social media network for a more civilized

Fri, Jan 27

The Magic of Small

Thu, Jan 26

Welcome to the Shoppy

Mon, Jan 16

Four Thousand

Thu, Jan 5

Untangle: Solving problems with fuzzy

Wed, Dec 21, 2022

Design Takes

Tue, Dec 13, 2022

The Climate Impact of Your Neighborhood,

Sat, Nov 19

Web technology optimism hour -

Wed, Sep 21

In their debut book ‘Puberty’, Laurence Philomene journals two years of gender

Fri, Sep 2

Wed, Aug 31

On Better Meetings | Lara

Mon, Aug 29

A CSS-Inspired Syntax for Flowcharts – Tone

Wed, Aug 17

The web is a harsh

Tue, Aug 16

The man who bought Pine Bluff, Arkansasmaxread.substack.comPassionless Web –

Sat, Aug 13

Failure to Cope "Under Capitalism"

Tue, Aug 2

Language, Please: Style Guide & Resources for journalists and

Wed, Jun 22

Reinventing Adobe Spectrum’s

Tue, Jun 7

"Disregard the Words"

Fri, Jun 3

NJ Transit Graphics Standards

Wed, Jun 1

How to pick the least wrong

Wed, May 25

How we fixed the ozone layer - Works in

Tue, May 10

Building a Design System from scratch - Maxime Heckel's

Wed, Apr 27

Early Security for

Tue, Mar 8

Everything about Framer Motion layout animations - Maxime Heckel's

Sun, Feb 6


Fri, Feb 4

"higher contrast than average" by bub and

Sun, Jan 30

SOPHIE Gave Us a Roadmap for Trans Existencethem.usThings you're allowed to

Wed, Jan 26

The five Levels of Hypejohannesklingebiel.deScaling

Sun, Jan 23

Git scraping: track changes over time by scraping to a Git repositorysimonwillison.netBlog - Gossip’s Webblog.gossipsweb.netMatt Rothenberg is a Designer/Front-End Developer, based in New

Tue, Jan 18

GPS – Bartosz Ciechanowskiciechanow.skiRemix vs Next.jsremix.runBecoming a Better Writer in

Mon, Jan 17

My Three Strikes Rule for Blogging ∊

Fri, Jan 14

Zen & the art of the Macintosh : discoveries on the path to computer enlightment : Green, Michael, 1943- : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet

Tue, Jan 11

Make Beautiful Gradientsjoshwcomeau.comBaseline #2 — Groups vs. Framesjoeyabanks.substack.comWhy everything should have a

Mon, Jan 10

Collection: Early Employee - Compound Manualmanual.withcompound.comThe Year in Illustrationnytimes.comCrypto: the good, the bad and the

Wed, Jan 5

How my website worksbrianlovin.comJust a little too slowbillmckibben.substack.comiOS 15,

Wed, Dec 29

Ai Dreams by Psychopulse on

Mon, Dec 27

CSS in

Sun, Dec 26

Letting go of end-of-year

Thu, Dec 23

Opinion | Advance Market Commitments Worked for Vaccines. They Could Work for Carbon Removal,

Tue, Dec 21

Pico.css • Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTMLpicocss.comHow colorful, luscious gradients took over political

Thu, Dec 16

Sustaining Maintainingdaverupert.comThe Architect Remaking Santa Barbara, One Outrageously Fun House At a Time - Sight Unseensightunseen.comTailwind and the Femininity of

Wed, Dec 15

On looking for a job -

Tue, Dec 14

Consistent, Fluidly Scaling Type and

Fri, Dec 3

Hacking the Hackathonjzhao.xyzEmoji to

Thu, Dec 2


Wed, Dec 1

How an Excel TikToker manifested her way to making six figures a

Thu, Nov 25

What Stops Me from

Mon, Nov 29

"Can you give me edit access?"

Wed, Nov 24

Here’s Why Rapid COVID Tests Are So Expensive and Hard to

Mon, Nov 15

Lessons learned after 5 years of climate tech entrepreneurship - Olivier Corradi's