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PlanetScale: The world’s most advanced database platformplanetscale.comVercel: Develop. Preview. Ship. For the best frontend teamsvercel.comColumn - The developer infrastructure bankcolumn.comRamp | Corporate Cards and Finance Automation That Scalesramp.comThe #1 spend platform for strategic finance teams.brex.comWorkOS — Your app, Enterprise Ready.workos.comBuild internal tools, remarkably fast.retool.comDALL·E 2openai.comSketch · Design, collaborate, prototype and handoffsketch.comFelt – The best way to make maps on the internetfelt.comLetterletter.coFramer: Design and ship your dream site. Zero code, maximum speed.framer.comSlite – Your Modern Knowledge Baseslite.comLoom: Async Video Messaging for Workloom.comModern Business Intelligence | Better data, better

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GitHub: Let’s build from heregithub.comLiveblocks | Collaborative experiences in days, not monthsliveblocks.ioLinear – A better way to build productslinear.appPipe: Trade your future revenue for dilution-free capitalpipe.comAccelerate the Development of AI Applications | Scale AIscale.comCodeSandbox: Code, Review and Deploy in Record